“If you are truly looking for some healing, I highly recommend Sam as a massage therapist . He is a very present and focused bodyworker.

No matter how I walk into my massage, my body and mind come out feeling many, many times better. It seems obvious to me that Sam has a genuine desire to bring healing to the body; I wouldn’t trade one hour of his work for a full day of massage with someone less dedicated.”

– Talia L., Los Angeles

“Sam is the absolute best! I have now seen him twice, most recently after having a headache that lasted for 3 days. After our hour-long session, I felt dramatically better, and by the next day the headache was completely gone. Like magic. I really cannot recommend him enough.”

– Erica L., Los Angeles

“I have received probably close to 1000 massages, if not more. I was immediately engulfed in the quiet stillness of Sam’s powerful, yet accessible, presence which relaxed me pronto and allowed me to sink into a deep healing experience. He left pressure open to dialog but there was no need. He intuitively moved from area to area with pinpoint accuracy attending to my bodies ( and soul’s) needs that day. This stands out as one of my all time greatest bodywork experiences.”

– Andrea T. , Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts

“Sam is an amazing massage therapist. Following a sports injury, my neck and shoulders were locked and painful. He was able to quickly pinpoint where my tension was held, release it, and when I asked he thoroughly explained to me the theory behind the technique he was applying. Regarding other issues with my hips, he first loosened them and then showed me some yoga techniques for daily upkeep. The yoga and explanation of the massage made this far more than the average bodywork experience, and I will certainly be going back. He is also a very friendly person. Highly recommended!”

– Neil G., Los Angeles



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