I’m Sam Stern, a massage therapist living in Big Sur, California.


I’m a 2008 graduate from the East-West College of Massage in Portland, Oregon, a school with a rich focus on anatomy and kinesiology. I have extensive experience with yoga and energy work, and I hope to bring to the table a sensitivity and awareness of subtle energetics.

I studied Esalen Massage for the first time in 2003, undertaking a 185-hour program. I have continued to study Esalen-style Deep Bodywork with Perry Holloman and Johanna Holloman, recently completing a training in Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and TMJD. I continue to use Esalen Massage tactics in my private practice.

Massage and yoga are my anchors in this world. My goal for you in massage is similar: I want to help you achieve a state of meditation and stability. Ideally, I would like your experience with me to be transformative- one that makes you feel not just temporarily alive, or comfortable, but permanently aware in your body, and accepting in your self.

I attended Brown University from 1995-99, receiving a B.A. in Art/Semiotics. I received my M.F.A. some years later at the California Institute of the Arts, where I majored in Critical Studies and Integrated Media.


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